Whistleblower Cases

Type of Case:

Bottini & Bottini, Inc. is currently handling numerous whistbleblower actions on behalf of private citizens and employees. We cannot post information about those cases here because federal law requires whistleblower complaints to be filed under seal and kept strictly confidential.

One issue that sometimes arises in the mind of potential clients who contact us is whether they should retain our law firm or report the fraud directly to the government. We encourage our clients to retain our firm (at no cost to them) for several reasons. First, we are efficient and quick to respond to your inquiries. We promptly return phone calls and email inquiries. The government, while obviously being trustworthy and competent, has very limited resources to handle whistleblower inquiries. It takes time and is difficult to even figure out which government entity to contact, and what the right phone number is to call. Once a call is made, it may not be returned, or is returned weeks later. If an investigation is begun, it can take years for the government to decide whether to pursue your claim. The government itself has acknowledged these constraints. See the document below entitled "Whistleblower Protection: Sustained Management Attention Needed to Address Long-Standing Program Weaknesses." The report was issued on August 17, 2010 by the Government Accountability Office ("GAO") in Washington D.C. In the Report, the GAO states candidly that: "For over 20 years, we have reported that OSHA has focused too little attention on the whistleblower program. Most recently, in January 2009, we reported that OSHA has struggled to provide investigators with the skills and resources they need to do their jobs, and has not developed adequate internal controls to ensure that criteria and standards for investigating complaints are consistently followed across its regions."

At Bottini & Bottini, Inc., in contrast, we will promptly return your call or email inquiry. Unlike the government, we have significant resources available to investigate your whistleblower claim and will promptly provide you with a result of our investigatino and advise you, at no cost to you, whether we believe your claim is worth pursuing. And, if we decide your claim is meritorious and file a lawsuit against the wrongdoers which maintains your anonymity, we will work with the government to encourage it to intervene in the case. Thus, working with us does not mean that you will not be working with the U.S. government. The government may well decide to intervene in the case as a plaintiff. Significantly, by working with our private law firm to quickly and competently investigate your potential case, and devoting the substantial resources we have at our firm to your case, you significantly increase the chance that the government will intervene in the case after the case is filed. Thus, please contact us today for a free consultation.