Heald and Everest schools/Corinthian Colleges Inc.

Type of Case:

We represent current and former students who attended either of the Everest or Heald schools owned by Corinthian Colleges. On January 25, 2011, due to extensive complaints to us by students who had attended the Heald and Everest group of schools owned and operated by Corinthian, we filed a class action complaint in federal court in Santa Ana, California. A copy of the complaint is attached below. Corinthian chose to attempt to deflect the merits of the claims by moving to compel arbitration of the students' claims. In an order dated October 6, 2011, Judge David Carter refused to require arbitration of Plaintiffs' claims for injunctive relief but did require Plaintiffs to pursue their claims for monetary damages in arbitration based on an arbitration clause which Heald and Everest required their students to sign as part of the enrollment application for the respective schools. Plaintiffs commenced discovery with a view to seeking an injunction barring defendants from continuing to mislead and take advantage of students, including military veterans. Defendants refused to produce any discovery and then appealed Judge Carter's order. Defendants asked the Court to stay all discovery pending their appeal, but the Court denied that request. Defendants subsequently sought an order from the appellate court staying discovery again, which was granted. Thus, at this point, if you are a current or former student of the Heald or Everest group of schools and desire to pursue a claim for monetary damages, you are currently required to commence an arbitration proceeding to pursue any potential damages. We will continue to pursue injunctive relief upon remand of the case from the court of appeal should the appeal result in affirmance of Judge Carter's order.