Ashford University

Type of Case:

We are lead counsel in a consumer class action case on behalf of current and former students of Ashford University, which is owned and operated by Bridgepoint. The case seeks to represent students who attended Ashford University at any time between March 1, 2005 and the present. A copy of the complaint and the Court's order denying defendants' motion to dismiss is attached below.
By Order dated March 26, 2015, the Court denied Plaintiffs' motion for class certification. This means that the Court denied our request to seek redress on behalf of all Ashford University students and held that only the named Plaintiff's claims could be litigated in the lawsuit. We filed a request with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to appeal that decision, which request was denied. We have not yet determined whether to appeal the order denying class certification after the conclusion of the case.
As a result, if you were an Ashford University student during the relevant time period (March 1, 2005 to the present), we do not represent you in the case and you should retain your own lawyer and file an individual claim if you want to pursue a claim against Ashford University and/or its parent company, Bridgepoint Education.