Shareholder lawsuit

Yahoo Inc.

UPDATE -- NOVEMBER 2018. The Yahoo/Altaba shareholder derivative action described below has been settled for $29 million. A hearing is set for January 4, 2019 for the Court to review whether the settlement should be approved. Important details about the settlement and the hearing are set forth in the Notice of Settlement posted below. You can also click on the "Settled Cases" part of the website for more information.

Tesla Inc.

Bottini & Bottini has filed a shareholder lawsuit against Tesla's directors in federal court in Delaware, alleging damages to Tesla and its shareholders related to the SolarCity acquisition. The lawsuit alleges that Tesla procured shareholder approval for the SolarCity acquisition by filing a false and misleading Proxy Statement with the SEC, and that the acquisition was primarily aimed at salvaging the substantial investments of Elon Musk and others in SolarCity.

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