Statement of Unconditional Support for Black Lives Matter Movement

Bottini & Bottini Inc. unconditionally supports the Black Lives Matter movement, and stands in solidarity with the legal community against racism and the perpetuation of racial injustice in American society. We unequivocally condemn anti-Black racism and intolerance in all its forms. Along with the rest of the nation, we have watched with horror as the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other Black men, women, and children have been cut tragically short while their killers have seldom been brought to justice. It is our responsibility as attorneys to confront the cultural attitudes and narratives that have for too long permitted such injustices to be carried out.

Bottini & Bottini has made a major commitment to the movement by being the first law firm in the United States to file lawsuits to attempt to bring about much-needed increased diversity on the Board and among the senior executives at some of America's largest and most powerful corporations. On July 2, 2020, Bottini & Bottini filed the first lawsuit in the United States seeking such change. The case was filed in San Francisco against Oracle Corporation -- a company that has no African Americans on its Board or among its top 40 senior executives, and which has been sued by the Department of Labor for underpaying women and minorities by $400 million over a four-year period. The same day, Bottini & Bottini filed another case against Facebook, a company which has no African Americans among its senior executives, and which has facilitated discriminatory advertising practices that have resulted in a massive boycott of the Company by its advertisers. On July 17, 2020, Bottini & Bottini sued Qualcomm, which has no Blacks on its Board or among its senior executives, and which employs only 1.5% African Americans at the company. The reality is that racism and discrimination will not be eliminated in this country unless we increase diversity at the very top, which in the case of corporate America means at the level of the Board of Directors and C-suite.

Statements of support for the BLM movement are necessary, but it is even more important to take action. For that reason, Bottini & Bottini has made a major commitment of resources and personnel to bring these groundbreaking lawsuits against corporate America. The companies named as defendants in these cases have all said the right things in the past about their supposed strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, but these statements ring hollow because the companies have not actually caused the changes to be made. We hope to bring about that change now through these lawsuits, which seek to increase economic opportunities and representation for African Americans and other minorities at publicly-traded corporations.