Consumer Protection Law

Consumer Protection

Most states, including California, have laws designed to protect consumers. These laws protect consumers in a wide range of transactions, including purchases of consumer goods and services. California’s Unfair Competition Law provides consumers with remedies when a business has not treated them fairly or has acted illegally.

Examples of situations where you may have a claim under your state’s consumer protection law include the following actual cases where Bottini & Bottini attorneys have filed suit to protect consumer rights:
(1) A homeowner who bought a home warranty plan and was denied the benefits of the plan by unfair practices of the company issuing the plan.
(2) A consumer who was enrolled in a credit card points system; the credit card discontinued the points system and attempted to require the consumer to immediately use the points or forfeit them. We sued and forced the credit card company to allow the consumer to redeem the points over time.
(3) A consumer who leased an automobile and was charged illegal or unfair fees when the car was involved in an accident.
(4) A consumer who purchased a bicycle lock that could be picked with a paperclip;
(5) False advertising cases involving consumer goods or services.

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